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@ 2020 // Dominik Balimann

New Album: 
From Plaça To Graça
coming soon!

How does music sound which has eaten a lot of dust but has washed itself at the same time?

On „From Plaça To Graça“ Dominik Balimann proves how lusty sound and harmonious tone make a perfect fit. On this record he does what he’s best at: play guitar music fuelled by love.
After two releases with the Bienne based bands Bench (Sunday Morning Sidewalk, 2010) and Jengi (A Tenner, 2016), Dominik Balimann writes a new and very personal chapter of his music career. With a rough voice and down-to-earth phrasing he tells stories that are unique and take his audience places: into a world between country roads and a deserted Atlantic beach. Balimann bases his songs without frills on a rather massive fundament.
Kevin Chesham on the drums and Beat Rüegsegger on bass supply the basis while Daniel Wyttenbach on piano adds the low frequencies. In this way 12 songs have been crafted which require to be played time and again: a favour that (they) cannot be denied.